Out of common Investment criteria we strive to invest in people with very high integrity and ethical standards.

All our investments are made with the primary purpose of helping patients, no matter their race, their location and their status.


Delpor™, one of our portfolio company, has been granted of over €5M over a multi year period from the HEAL™ initiative to end Opioid abuse in the United States!

Oct. 24, 2019: “Company Working Toward Once-Yearly Naltrexone Product“, Addiction Professionals (link)

Oct. 10, 2019: “Delpor to Tackle Opioid Use Disorder with $5.7 Million NIH HEAL Grant Award for the Development of a Once-Yearly Naltrexone Therapy to Prevent Relapses“, BusinessWire (link)

Apr., 2020: “Better Ways to Deliver Medications That Treat Addiction“, NIH-HEAL (link)


In the fight against Covid-19, our Spanish portfolio company SOM Biotech, has deployed its proprietary AI platform, SOM AI Pro, to find available drugs effective against the new pandemic.

Apr. 21, 2020: ” SOM Biotech Announces the In Vitro Confirmation of Three Drug Candidates for COVID-19 in Collaboration with the Ewha Womans University ” YAHOO! Finance (link)

Breath monitoring has never been so important as it is now. Our portfolio company, MyAirGo is developing a non-invasive medical respiratory sensors for 24/7 realtime minute ventilation & breath dynamics monitoring, providing physicians automated clinical data for critical patient care. The device can be used on premise and at-home and can be used to actively monitor patients in need (or not) of critical care.


There’re over 4000 rare diseases documented. The vast majority remains without any therapeutics approach. SOM Biotech (www.sombiotech.com) harnesses the power of AI genetic algorithms to dramatically accelerated discovery of drugs. The company is able to shorten the amount of time needed to get a compound to patients by leveraging on thousands of existing and unused molecules sitting on pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. At HTH we believe a huge impact can be achieved by leveraging new technologies.

SOM AI Algos

Sept. 22, 2020 “Trial Data Provide Proof-of-concept for CRX-1008 (SOM0226) as Leptomeningeal FAP Treatment” FAP NEWS TODAY (link)