Our investments range among companies of different sizes and nature, from the production of drugs to the development of technologies and
infrastructures, physical and digital, for medical care, united by the propensity for innovation and the search for revolutionary solutions that take
into account the evolution of the needs of society and people


Ai-Based drug Discovery

SOM Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company established in 2009 and based in Barcelona, Spain. The company is the result of the intensive work and experience of its founder and CEO Raul Insa (MD, PhD, MBA) and is managed by a solid track record international team. The company engages in enhanced discovery of therapies through a proprietary artificial intelligence-based computational technology (SOMAI PRO) and builds strategic partnerships with major research centers and pharmaceutical companies. The Company has received funding for several of its programs from the Spanish Ministries of Science and Innovation (CDTI) and Industry (ENISA). SOM has an broad portfolio of products such as drugs for orphan diseases including TTR Amyloidosis, Huntington's disease, Tardive Dyskinesia, Phenylketonuria, Niemann-Pick C, Glioblastoma and Parkinson’s disease. The traction of the company will bring it to be listed soon.


Digitally Enabled Prevention

MD Concierge is an Italian startup, based in Milan and founded by its president and CEO Massimo Pietracaprina thanks to his recognized experience and incredible career in the healthcare sector. MD Concierge aims to revolutionize the concept of health, considering it a common good to be preserved with prevention, technologies and constant care. The company offers a series of services dedicated to managers, such as tele-visits, monitoring services (throughout the use of easy-to-use and modern medical devices) and an entire pool of highly experienced clinicians. The entire set of services offered by MD Concierge are intended to provide accurate screenings and healthcare programs. The company targets principally elder population and the pediatric ones, positioning itself as a leader in the remote monitoring and telemedicine services.


Breath Diagnostics/Digital Therapy

MyAir Inc. is a medtech startup based both in Milan (Italy) and Boston (MA, US). The company develops non-invasive medical respiratory sensors and devices designed for real-time (24/7) minute ventilation and breath dynamics monitoring, providing automated clinical data for critical patient care for physicians. The company’s lead asset is composed of a wearable, miniaturized recorder unit, and a medical grade holter worn over the floating ribs of patients both at rest and during normal activity. The platform excels at long term live and remote monitoring of patients particularly on full night sleep sessions. Data are processed real time and the proprietary algorithms can generate live alarms and comprehensive diagnostic reports for physicians, enabling them to diagnose patient conditions faster with added precision. All algorithms and DL/ML procedures are already in place, and are being integrated into a GDPR / HIPAA compliant cloud platform for large scale deployment.


Drug Delivery System

Delpor, based in San Francisco, is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that utilizes innovative technologies to develop once-yearly therapies for chronic conditions. The company is leading a new wave of innovation in long-lasting injectables and CNS disorders with the Delpor’s proprietary PROZOR™ technology. PROZOR™ enables the sustained release of drugs from a non-mechanical, matchstick-long, implantable drug delivery device based on a unique formulation. The device is implanted in the abdomen during a simple, 10-minute in-office procedure, and delivers therapeutic levels of the drug for as long as one year. Potential benefits include complete medication adherence for as long as one year after a single administration, and steady drug release without adverse event inducing peaks, or sub-therapeutic troughs. The Company’s lead product is a 6-12-month formulation of Risperidone for the treatment of schizophrenia. Delpor is also pursuing 6-12-month formulations of other drugs targeting CNS conditions including Schizophrenia, Addiction, Spasticity, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions.


Novel Biomanufacturing

Founded in 2013, in Belgium, by José Castillo and Hugues Bultot, Univercells is a global life science company that makes biologics (e.g. gene therapy, mass-produced RNA, etc.) available to all. Leveraging its core strengths in technology-driven affordability, scaling, production and bioprocessing, the team builds business and find new ways to support access to medicine and promote sustainability. The company built five subsidiaries with different proprietary technologies and purposes. Univercells combines the strengths of all its companies to develop an agile and sustainable global bio-manufacturing network able to operate autonomously and to react quickly to emergencies to produce novel products (e.g. pandemic vaccines). The company innovative approach is promoted by governments, global health stakeholders like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and industry partners. For these reason, at HTH, we believed in the philosophy of Univercells, matching with HTH ones, as well as in its technologies, network and vision. We still support Univercells in its development, aiming to go along with it through IPO and beyond.

Biorek S.r.l.

Liquid Biopsy

Founded in 2019 and based in San Raffaele Hospital (Milan, Italy), Biorek s.r.l is developing an innovative test for the screening, diagnosis and prognosis of the Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) by basing on genetic and molecular biomarkers derived from liquid biopsies, such as whole blood and urines. The company lead assets allow them to identify biomarkers able to: detect the presence of a renal mass, distinguish patients having a malignant mass from those having a benign one and finally determine the level of aggressivity of the renal carcinoma. Such biomarkers will be used in screening tests and will allow to improve the accuracy and specificity of diagnosis and prognosis in the field of RCC. Biorek approach derives from the ability of its team members of putting together medical and scientific expertise along with the entrepreneurial one. By doing so, Biorek aims to speed up the entire process which bring the scientific results from bench directly to the bedside.


Endoscopy, Beyond

Endostart is an Italian medtech startup, based near Florence (Italy) and founded in 2018 by Alessandro Tozzi and Alberto Bruni thanks to a €950k seed round. Endostart has developed a breakthrough endoscopic device to be used on demand for making colonoscopy faster, easier and more effective. The company’s technology aims to prevent long lasting or incomplete procedures and their consequences in term of workload costs and diagnostic delays for endoscopists, payors and patients. The company has developed a medical endoscopic device consisting of a reusable magnetic handpiece (EMH), a disposable kit including a balloon guide (EBG) and a ferrofluid pre-filled syringe (EFF). Endorail is used in case of loop occurrence during diagnostic colonoscopy thus preventing adverse events and allowing the completion of the procedure. Overall, Endorail impacts on diagnostic efficiency, therapeutic efficiency and on health care costs. Moreover, the system is suitable for reimbursement. The device is CE marked as medical device. Patent granted in US and EU.



Originating from Canada, Hyivy Health is the result of the passion and intensive work of its CEO and Founder Rachel Bartholomew who is drawing on her experience with cervical cancer to develop sexual rehabilitation tools. The device is a clinically approved smart device for pelvic floor rehabilitation that can be conveniently used in the patient’s home. Hyivy Health’ product, designed for post-operative and post-partum rehabilitation, includes electrical and mechanical functions, as well as an app to display data, educational videos, and to monitor progress. The aim is to create a device that monitors, tracks and prevents various problems experienced by women to understand if and how to respond. The device will bring women with pelvic floor pathologies back to normal life, allowing them to defeat several social stigmas. Hyivy Health will be able to overcome the taboos related to the sexual sphere for those women affected by pelvic floor pathologies, and will allow women to find back their self-confidence and more.

Lys Therapeutics

Biotherapeutics for Neuro-disorders

Founded in France by a scientific team of highly qualified professionals led by Dr. Manuel Blanc (PhD, MBA, Co-founder, CEO), Philippe Dujardin (Co-founder, CFO) and Dr. Thibault Honegger (PhD, Co-founder), Lys Therapeutics is a biotech company developing innovative drugs and based both in Lyon and Caen (France). Lys Therapeutics, along with a incredible board of pharma and biotech experts, is developing innovative drugs to treat patients suffering from neurological diseases, including Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, as well as other neurodegenerative disorders. The company main drug is a first-in-class monoclonal antibody, Glunozumab®, with a unique mechanism of action: it counteracts the tPA-dependent toxicity, by blocking the interaction between tPA and NMDA receptors.


Digital platform for Neuro-rehabilitation

Founded in the U.K. in 2016, Neurofenix is a digital therapeutic company based both in Atlanta (US) and London (UK). The team has developed NeuroBall™, an easy-to-use upper limb training device. Neurofenix principally addresses neurological injuries consequences such as stroke and others. Neurofenix’s rehab program focuses on arm and hand therapy through its NeuroBall™ device which is personalized to each patient based on their current needs and enables them to perform increasingly challenging, repetitive movements to help build up strength. NeuroBall™ advanced sensors detect the smallest of movements so it can be used by impaired patients, whilst the corresponding tablet-based app has activities and digital games to engage patients to use it regularly. The device generate real-time feedback allowing patients to see their progress on leaderboards to help motivate them to continue and to inform clinicians. In clinical trials, patients achieved 20x more movement repetitions at home compared to other methods and the portable nature means they can take it anywhere with them to help regain strength. A third trial is underway in partnership with the Stroke Association.

Leuko Labs

Non-invasive white cell monitoring platform

Leuko Labs is a medical diagnostic startup founded in 2015 and based in Boston and Madrid, that spun out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Madrid–MIT M+Visión Consortium. The founders developed PointCheck™, the first device for non-invasive white blood cell monitoring, that by imaging the blood flowing through the capillaries in the finger, is able to determine if white cell levels are dangerously low, without having to extract any blood. Leuko Labs principally addresses neutropenia, a condition related to severe cytotoxic chemotherapies, that may results in infections, sepsis and eventually death. With Leuko, patients simply place their finger onto a cellular-connected PointCheckTM device for just 1 minute a day. The data is then seamlessly and automatically sent to the patient's care team, which triages any concerning findings to help patients receive appropriate, preventive treatments under the direction of their clinician. By removing the need for a blood draw, PointCheck™ allows millions of immunosuppressed patients to be tested daily, resulting in improved quality of life and improved clinical outcomes.