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HTH is a full fledge investment and advisory company investing alongside bright innovators dedicated to improve humans’ health.

We are a team of knowledge hungry people devoted to find innovative solutions to enhance human lives.




Born in 2020, HTH complements ZCube-Zambon Research Venture scouting and investing activities with direct participation in early stage startups dedicated to human lives.

Since 2016, the team has been working closely with pharma companies to successfully invest in life science ventures and to provide innovation capabilities to large corporations.



As an Investor, HTH is an hands-on actor, taking pro-active roles in early stages startup providing not just capital, but opening companies to a vast network of possible stakeholders. As an advisor, HTH provides client with the best solutions to approach life science and strives to open innovation pathways and opportunities for its clients.



Our Steps

We analyze investment opportunities and provide a clear judgment on the opportunity, before providing our clients with access to investments or partnerships, either through funds or direct companies. In the second stage we act as negotiating intermediary and provide our partner with the best legal and HR professionals to finalize the deal. We also selectively co-invest in breakthrough companies together with our industrial partners.


Together with our partners, we provide the clients with access to investment/partnership opportunities, either through funds or direct companies.


We analyze investment opportunities for our clients and provide a clear judgment on the opportunity. We also act as negotiating intermediary and provide our partner with the best partners (legal, HR) to work with to finalize the deal.


Together with our industrial partners, we selectively co-invest in breakthrough companies.

Our Case Studies

Zambon Research Venture

Together with Zcube we have successfully built over the years an international portfolio of Life Science funds and direct investments. HTH has provided both scouting and due diligence activities and lately has been co-investing together with the client.


Together with the client HTH has sourced, analyzed and negotiated a direct investment in a Biotech company developing innovative small molecules therapeutics to treat Orphan neurological disorders. Furthermore, HTH has provided the target company with a target CEO for company management. HTH is also providing active monitoring and board of directors presence.


Together with the client HTH is sourcing and analyzing funds and direct opportunities in health-tech related investments. Furthermore, HTH is providing monitoring for the client with constant interaction.


NeuroBall Success Stories

Morgan Martin, one of Neurofenix Clinical Specialists, knows a thing or two about #StrokeRecovery. She shared some fantastic stories about how NeuroBall™ helped improve the quality…

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Core Team

HTH is made up of a very lean team investing in breakthrough innovation in life sciences. The company relies on a range of experts that are first and foremost specialized technicians: statisticians, pharmacists, biotechnologists and engineers, with years of experience in the healthcare space, managing investments both in the public and in the private sector. We benefit from a large network of sector companies and partners dealing with medtech, biotech, foodtech, AI, diagnostics, neuroscience and healthcare services


Our Investments

Our investments range among companies of different sizes and nature, from the production of drugs to the development of technologies and infrastructures, physical and digital, for medical care, united by the propensity for innovation and the search for revolutionary solutions that take into account the evolution of the needs of society and people







Our Collaborations


Our Influence


Delpor™, one of our portfolio company, has been granted of over €5M over a multi year period from the HEAL™ initiative to end Opioid abuse in the United States!

Oct. 24, 2019: “Company Working Toward Once-Yearly Naltrexone Product“, Addiction Professionals

Oct. 10, 2019: “Delpor to Tackle Opioid Use Disorder with $5.7 Million NIH HEAL Grant Award for the Development of a Once-Yearly Naltrexone Therapy to Prevent Relapses“, BusinessWire

Apr., 2020: “Better Ways to Deliver Medications That Treat Addiction“, NIH-HEAL




In the fight against Covid-19, our Spanish portfolio company SOM Biotech, has deployed its proprietary AI platform, SOM AI Pro, to find available drugs effective against the new pandemic.

Apr. 21, 2020: ” SOM Biotech Announces the In Vitro Confirmation of Three Drug Candidates for COVID-19 in Collaboration with the Ewha Womans University ” YAHOO! Finance

Breath monitoring has never been so important as it is now. Our portfolio company, MyAirGo is developing a non-invasive medical respiratory sensors for 24/7 realtime minute ventilation & breath dynamics monitoring, providing physicians automated clinical data for critical patient care. The device can be used on premise and at-home and can be used to actively monitor patients in need (or not) of critical care.



There’re over 4000 rare diseases documented. The vast majority remains without any therapeutics approach. SOM Biotech ( harnesses the power of AI genetic algorithms to dramatically accelerated discovery of drugs.

The company is able to shorten the amount of time needed to get a compound to patients by leveraging on thousands of existing and unused molecules sitting on pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. At HTH we believe a huge impact can be achieved by leveraging new technologies.

Sept. 22, 2020: “Trial Data Provide Proof-of-concept for CRX-1008 (SOM0226) as Leptomeningeal FAP Treatment” FAP NEWS TODAY




Univercells has developed a unique technology to allow for cost effective vaccine and biologics manufacturing.

At the present situation, developed countries have huge issues in terms of access and delivery of biologic drugs (Vaccines, Antibodies). Present technologies have huge issues in terms of cost and scalability. Univercells proprietary tech has been developed to allow cost effective scalable manufacturing.

Together with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the SOROS foundation, among other investors like us, Univercells can play a profound role and deliver huge impacts



HTH is strongly committed to invest in the Femtech space in order to provide additional and always innovative tools to the women health sphere. We believe that women deserve innovative and improved medical and clinical tools to manage their health which regards several topics such as period check, advanced contraceptive, cervical cancer management, sexual sphere and so on.

As a matter of fact, companies focused specifically on providing healthcare products and services to women are an emerging trend and early stage investment in the field saw an uptick in Q1 2021. HTH actively looks for new opportunities in this field, making women health a priority for all.



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Our business is founded on ideas, and therefore on people. It is only through discussion and collaboration that new paths can develop, and innovative solutions can be found to improve people's lives. We are always open to new research hypotheses and alternative investment possibilities. Write to us to submit your proposal.