If you are a physician, a patient, a healthcare professional, or a scientist, you know that one question has been haunting the care community for ages—When can we get rid of ongoing medications and come up with a one-stop solution for the treatment of chronic diseases?

But what if physicians were able to prescribe drugs to be administered once a year? Imagine if we had a product that will provide therapy for one full year after a single administration. That’s one year during which the patient will be able to adhere 100% to the prescribed therapy, without ever having to worry about taking their meds. One year without any symptoms or relapses, and also one year without the stigma of taking medication, or the daily reminder to the patient that they are sick. You can almost think of it as a one-year cure in a disease area where there is no cure.

Such possibility of patient comfort has become a reality with Delpor, Inc. (Delpor), a biopharmaceutical company that introduced a once-yearly single administration drug therapy in the form of a drug/device combination product technology— Prozor™. Ultimately—No hassles but only a comfortable, stress-free, and rejuvenating healing experience. And that’s why Delpor stands out with its innovative and revolutionary approach.

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